Ashley Troyer

LMT, Owner

Ashley has a strong background in Rehabilitative and Deep Tissue therapy, having worked in Chiropractic settings and developing a passion for corrective bodywork.  Her ultimate goal is decreasing pain levels and improving mobility in her clients.

Book with Ashley via text  *Schedule is currently full, not available to book online.  On Maternity leave from August '22-Nov'22


Rayana Gilbert


Rayana is highly experienced in Deep Tissue and Trigger Point therapy. Her skills also include Relaxation and Prenatal Massage.  She's a pro at making sure her clients leave feeling relaxed and loosened up!

Book with Rayana on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 

*On Maternity leave from Nov '22-Feb '23

Julie headshot.jpg

Julie Fisk


Julie is an amazing therapist with extensive training in rehabilitative massage work.  She is especially great at relieving chronic aches and pains!  

Book with Julie on Wednesdays

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Chelci Williams


Chelci is an excellent therapist with a knack for getting into all the "problem" areas that need worked out.  Her massage style is deep enough to be effective, yet smooth and flowy enough to be ultra-relaxing!

Book with Chelci on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (More availability coming soon!)

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Veronica Noland


Veronica joins us as a guest therapist, helping to cover maternity leaves for the next few months!  She does a super deep tissue medical massage focused on pain management.
Book with Veronica on Mondays


Kyla Burns


Kyla is a fantastic massage therapist with a passion for helping people out of pain. Her deep tissue skill set is particularly effective for those experiencing neck and shoulder tension! 

Book with Kyla Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays


Kamryn Haynes


Kamryn Haynes is an experienced esthetician offering facials, lashes, and waxing services! She loves all things skin care and creates a comfortable, professional experience.

Book with Kamryn on Mondays and Saturdays