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Your commitment to yourself is the very thing that has made me and my business successful; THANK YOU.  I’m so honored to help you facilitate MASSAGE THERAPY into your wellness routine.  


My 2024 schedule is changing slightly-  I’ll be massaging 2 days a week on a rotating schedule.  One week will be Tuesday and Friday, the next week will be Thursday and Friday.  


My hope is that this will allow me to allocate my time better to encompass all my commitments- both personal and professional. 


The online schedule is up to date, and all existing appointments will remain (or will be discussed in person if they need to move.)  Currently, the scheduler will allow you to book 3 months in advance, but if you'd prefer to book further out or request a standing appointment day/time, that can be done in-office!


I genuinely enjoy receiving your referrals, but as of now, I'm at capacity.  My long-standing, existing clientele (YOU), are my priority, and will remain as such.  

("My therapist isn't currently taking new clients, but the other therapists there are extremely talented!")

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