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Green Leaves

Massage Therapists listen with their hearts and heal with their hands.

My current case-load is at capacity.  Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you wonderful people who have placed your trust and money in me to take care of your massage "kneads." 

I've closed off my schedule to new clients so I can continue focusing on my current clients and training other therapists.  

If you're here on this page, I highly value you as a client, and always look forward to working with you! 

My schedule has been pared down pretty extensively.   I currently offer about 15 hours of massage per week.  Village Massage Co has grown, and more of my time is required to run the business aspect.  I've concluded that training other therapists in the work that I do will be the best way to further my goal of making effective bodywork accessible to more and more people.  

Going forward, I will not always be available.  As much as I appreciate each of you, there are more demands on my time than there is time for.  I encourage you to utilize the other therapists in the office to keep up with your bodywork!  As always, your feedback is important for growth!  

Thank you.


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